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posted by [personal profile] kateanderson at 02:52pm on 16/05/2012
I'm leaving for the arena in about an hour. zomg. So excited!

I spent the morning being creeptastic. I might have already been downtown when one of the cast members tweeted a pic from the hotel balcony. Using my super awesome powers of deduction (aka holding the phone up and matching buildings in the background) I figured out where they're staying. It's a gorgeous day, so I sat myself down on a bench. There was a pond with ducklings chirping away nearby. Very pleasant. Then, as I was idly staring across the street, I saw someone who looked familiar. Yeah, Andrew Poje. With Jeremy and Ashley. I was kind of stunned that I actually saw skaters and just sat there for a while. I got up, finally, and chased after them, around the harbour and down Wharf Street but I lost them when they crossed the road.

Hahaaaa. It was kinda awesome though. If it had been T&S, I would have ran and made more of an effort to catch them!

So. Anyway. We'll see how this goes.
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posted by [personal profile] kateanderson at 10:10pm on 05/05/2012
This morning, in my just woken up haze and without my glasses on, I was scrolling through the Twitter feed on my phone and happened upon a link that someone sent me. A link to an article that included the phrase "former girlfriend". Former girlfriend. FORMER GIRLFRIEND. At that point I sat straight up in bed, fumbled for my glasses and then grabbed the laptop.


So, Scott and Jessica are done. History. A thing of the past. The same article chose to focus on how "connected" Scott and Tessa are. How they're not a couple but belong to each other. This off-season is going to be a bitch but next season will be EPIC. EPPIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCC.

Also, I will probably need to be sedated for Stars on Ice. It would have been bad before but now? Holy shit.
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posted by [personal profile] kateanderson at 08:58pm on 30/04/2012
That certainly came and went quickly. I had a grand time, a blur of Stargate faces mixed with video of Stars on Ice. Dancing around the hotel room, celebrating that I was nowhere near the elevators and could actually sleep. It was almost, dare I say, relaxing. At this point, I've met and gotten autographs from nearly everyone and it was such a relief to skip the evening autograph sessions. The only guest that I took the opportunity to personally meet was Kate Hewlett. Because I love her.

Just a brief summary )

And while all that was happening, I was simultaneously freaking out about Stars on Ice. It was weird - in the room, SOI and Scott/Tessa all the way. Outside the room, I didn't really think about it at all. The first reports trickled in and I was thrilled to pieces to hear that Funny Face had not been adapted into a show piece. I couldn't think of how it would work. Instead, we got word that Tessa and Scott had chosen to skate to Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. And I promptly died.

The next morning, finding that some amazing awesome attendee had captured most of the show and put it on YouTube made my day just that much better. Tessa and Scott, in the "Up" group routine, playing the young and in love Carl and Ellie. (Not much of a stretch. Really.) Scott wearing glasses and Tessa's adorable dress and the adorable moment when she takes his hand and puts it on her belly and he does a heel click! Hee.

Later in the day, I was standing in line at a restaurant, grabbing dinner and idly checking Twitter. Word on the feed was that a video of Hallelujah was up. I grabbed my food and almost literally sprinted back to the hotel. It sat abandoned for a very long time. I have no words for Hallelujah. Gorgeous and moving and intimate doesn't even begin to describe it. The beginning is just...guh. Scott and Tessa, standing together, foreheads touching and slowly, he takes her hands in his and runs them down his face to his chest. They repeat that move several times in the program and I love the moments when his hands are on her shoulders as well. I've watched it an embarrassing number of times since.

At this point, I feel like I'm almost just waiting for some confirmation that they're together off the ice. I don't even know. There's just been too much weirdness going on lately. Is it May 16th yet?
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posted by [personal profile] kateanderson at 03:06pm on 22/04/2012
It's over. :( I feel like it was just yesterday that we were gearing up for Finlandia and thinking about how far away Worlds was and now, it's all history.

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posted by [personal profile] kateanderson at 08:51am on 20/04/2012
your sunny, funny face! Oh, wait...no. Goddammit, Scott Moir! Again? Really?

So, World Team Trophy's been a bit of a bust but in a hilarious, it can't possibly get any worse can it, type of way. I haven't slept in two days, thanks to pushing myself past the point of tired on Wednesday night and then, the brewing shit storm after the FD last night.

Tessa and Scott got shafted in both the short dance and the free. I don't disagree with their placing second, just the (relatively) low marks. Tessa was off in the short dance. I thought for a while that she was injured, she was so hesitant. Scott looked damn fine and totally sold it though.

I thought their free dance was marvelous. It was light and flirty and fun. The kiss and cry was pretty cute, with Scott inviting everyone to come and sit down with them and then the kiss he gave Tessa. Then, it happened. Again. Scott made a poorly timed and chosen comment. To be fair, I'm pretty sure that he thought the camera had cut away but dude. Muttering, "Oh my god, I hate this event." while not backstage or just right into Tessa's ear is not cool!

Team Canada's captain, everyone! Woo! I had to crack up at a comment on FSU. Someone imagining Scott's first act as captain: instituting a "NO FUN!" rule. The other countries look like they're having a blast and Team Canada's all, "FML."
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posted by [personal profile] kateanderson at 10:38pm on 14/04/2012
I'm not even sure how it's less than two weeks until the con but I suspect the answer lies somewhere in a blur of Tessa, Scott, videos, pictures and fanfic. World Team Trophy starts in a few days and I feel like I'm still recovering from Worlds and then the mini media burst from their London engagements earlier this week. Oh well, bring on Japan! Tessa and Scott need to kick Meryl and Charlie's asses one last time this season.

On the way to work this morning, my bus was idling beside a PCL bus at a stoplight. I looked at it and muttered, "Soooon." under my breath. I just want to get away from work and Victoria for a few days. I'm not thrilled about the bus nor the ferry nor any part of the trip over, really. I'm not thrilled that a bazillion guests have been smushed into just three days (I foresee many group panels in my future...). I'm not thrilled that I expect I'll be moping around a bit, wishing I were at a Tessa/Scott convention (aka, skating competition???) but still, it should be okay.

What I am seriously stoked about is Stars on Ice. I really hope that I get the opportunity to meet them this time around. I'd probably puke on my shoes but whatevs. The show's on a Wednesday and I don't work Wednesday nights but I took the entire day off. Just in case.
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Thinking about Tessa and Scott's various exhibition programs since their latest one is so epic.

the beautiful tennessee waltz )
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I'll be over there, weeping.
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Further thoughts on Worlds...even though I haven't really watched a lot of it...except for ice dance...

Da Men )

Ladiezzzz )

Pairs )

Dance )

Up next, World Team Trophy and then, two more seasons! My heart fairly exploded with glee at Tessa and Scott talking about programs for next season and Sochi. :D :D I'm notorious for losing interest in things but it's been two years now with T/S. Maybe by the time Sochi rolls around, I won't be as fannish and will return with a vague, "Are they fucking yet?" but who knows.
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It's completely bizarre that ice dance is the first discipline to award medals. I feel like the gala should be happening now and not in two days. We'll get to see them skate a new exhibition program as World Champions. (eeeee!)

So, it happened. I was oddly zen about the whole thing. I timed my break at work yesterday to coincide with when Tessa/Scott would be skating their short dance and stood outside, refreshing the ISU page on my phone. When they came up as leaders, I ran back inside, ditched the phone, shut myself in a room with no cameras and did a happy dance. When I got home, I watched a good portion of the top dancers and Tessa and Scott were, no question, the best.

I was much more nervous before the 4CC free dance than I was today. My heart was still pounding but I'd already seen Davis and White skate and their score wasn't unbeatable. I feel weird saying this but I wish that Tessa and Scott had scored lower than they did. I wish it had been closer. They didn't skate their best and it wasn't as magical as I had been hoping for. Even they didn't look entirely pleased.

But, they are now two time world champions. If they continue next season, they're going in to Worlds in their hometown as the defending champions. No pressure or anything! I hope they'll stick around. I've been watching their old programs a lot recently and I'd love to see them try something along the lines of Great Gig now that Tess is healthy.


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